CV template for seafarers

CV template for seafarers
CV template for seafarers

Have a good CV

CV template for seafarers will help distinguish you from a huge number of candidates who are applying for the same job as you are. Yes, many other people can do the same job, especially in our line of work – no matter how special you think you are.
I saw some terrible CVs so I decided to help those who don’t know how to write it properly.

Some studies have shown that recruiter decides to read or not to read your CV in 6 seconds – if it’s too long, cluttered with useless data or graphically unappealing, he will just put it in the trash without even reading it. That’s why you need to keep your CV simple and well written.

This template is intended for seafarers. It’s simple, so anyone could easily edit it and have a decent looking CV in few minutes.
You can surely make a better one if you just go to You tube and search for “how to make a good CV”, but for most people that’s not an option because it requires more time and proficiency in MS Office.

Inside the template there are some instructions on how to fill it. You don’t need to do much, just fill in your info.

Use Microsoft Word’s spell check feature. If it’s obvious that your language skills are too poor to properly write about yourself – you’re not getting that job. You’re not a poet and it doesn’t have to be perfect, but it should (at least) be correct.

Add link to your LinkedIn profile only in case your profile is well written. If it’s neglected and rarely updated, it’s better not to include a link to your LinkedIn profile.


CV template for seafarers